Suresh Gets Awarded

As Suresh stands in front of the audience, his eyes are moist. He knows he doesn’t want to cry as he did in the washroom. He just looks heavenwards and, for the one millionth time, thanks the Almighty.

Ramesh The Emcee: Now, I want to call on stage Verma Sir to give Suresh the awaard.

Pretty Sunita carries the trophy. Ramesh winks at her. She replies with a smile.

Ramesh The Emcee: Today we have caught you, sir. You can’t get away without saying a few words. HAHAHA.

Verma The Manager : The best thing about this young man (Verma doesn’t know Suresh’s name) is that he performs.

Verma goes silent. Everyone looks at each other. No one knows what to do.

Ramesh The Emcee: Now, it is the turn of this performer. HAHAHA.

Suresh The Awardee: I am just happy to perform for my manager sir.

Suresh again struggles to hold his tears back. He looks towards the audience, raises his awaard, and gives the ugliest of his smiles. Nobody in the audience pays any heed.

Afer the awards Mahesh gets to sing

Ramesh The Emcee: Now, I want to welcome on stage the rockstars of this company. Please put your hands together for Mahesh and his band. Let’s hear it for them this time.

Mahesh climbs up the stage. He asks the audience if they are having a good time. No one replies. He starts singing Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life…” and turns the mike towards the audience. No one sings. For the next 15 minutes Mahesh rapes ears of everybody.

As Mahesh finishes, Ramesh demands applause from everybody. All the people oblige. Mahesh leaves the stage having lived his life.

In the end you & me get nothing

We are the people who just don’t get it. We do clap, cheer, and smile. But there are some questions remain unanswered in our minds. Is such a boring drama necessary? Isn’t one supposed to be doing something better with his life? Does one live for oneself or for being applauded?

Anyways the event gets concluded. Those who put up with the shit, get to enjoy the high tea. Those who really understood what Bon Jovi was saying, just leave.

P.S. Actually, it’s not true that you and I don’t get anything. We do get an idea of what we don’t want to be. Sometimes that’s all you need.


mixer_grinderMarriages are scary. If you get married soon, you keep on wondering what options you might have missed. If you delay it, you run the danger of all the sweet options getting married before you. So, at best, you can do only a few things to shield yourself from this nagging tension. You keep on saying the following things to yourself – “I am still not 25” – “I am still not 25” – “I am still not 25”. Or, you can block your Facebook timeline (which stinks of wedding pics) out of your site, just check your notifications, and quickly log out. Or, you think of Salmans of the world, Rushdie and Khan, who have defied marriage in their own unique styles.

But, how do you escape it when you get called to a friend’s wedding? The first instinct is just to avoid it. Then you remember the nerdy conversation you had while vacating the hostel that you shared for 4 years –

You: Chal bhai, apni shaadi me zaroor bulaiyo.
Your friend: HAHAHA.
Your friend: Aur bhai tu bhi.

Also, there is a chance of meeting old friends, falling in love (we all have watched Hum Aapke Hain Kaun), and the promise of free food. Also, the wedding is falling on weekend. Now, weekends are usually a drag. So, you decide to give it a go.

But once you reach the wedding, your trauma begins. Your friend, a fine fellow, has been told to stand at one place. He has a constant smile on his face, and is touching the feet of anything that moves. The girl standing beside him is wearing so much make-up that nobody can see her real face. They both are looking nice. This was the guy who did the best chichora dance on Chikni Chameli at weddings. And now? In this wedding? What has happened to him?

Well, you gulp down the pain, and compose yourself. You know you have to be strong for him in this one. You pick the nicely wrapped Mixer Grinder, that you were told is the “best wedding gift”, and get on the stage. Your first instinct is to again ask him, “Koi nayi BF aayi?”. His first instinct is to vent his anxiety by giving you a maa ki gaali. His bride’s first instinct is to touch your feet. Finally, everybody controls their first instincts.

You move on to see whether the food stall has opened or not. In Daal Makhni’s delight you forget your pain for a little while. And when it’s all over you introspect a little. You can’t believe that you could gift a Mixer Grinder to someone. You get depressed at the fact that some day someone will gift you a Mixer Grinder also. As if a man who has suddenly found a purpose, you briskly walk to the DJ. You ask him to play Chikni Chameli. You look towards your friend and do his chichora step. This is to tell him that his legacy will move on. This is to pay your respect to a great guy, who could once dance howsoever he wanted to.

Peter Parekar was born as a feeble child. Everybody hated him. He was weak, pathetic and unfunny. But he was very intelligent. Thus, he was befriended by Harry Oberoi, who was the son of a very wealthy businessman of New York colony. Peter fell in love Mary Jain, who was the patakha of their class. But while Peter was busy doing Harry’s homework, Harry was busy roaming around with Mary behind Peter’s back.

This went on for quite a while until one day the calamity happened. Peter saw Harry and Mary kissing  behind the temple. He could not believe his eyes. He had seen a lot of hardships in life, but never had his heart broken like this in the past. He raced into the temple and sat in front of Hanuman’s idol. The boy cried incessantly and asked his idol just one thing, “Why am I so weak?”. The clouds thundered. The boy prepared to leave as he remembered that his underwear was drying in the open. Suddenly, a spider jumped from Hanuman’s idol onto the palm of Peter. On that day, with Hanuman’s grace, Peter became Spider Man. After he realized his powers, Peter made his costume from red peticoat and blue blouse of May chachi. Crime vanished from New York colony after that.

Peter, Harry, and Mary then took admission in the neighborhood engineering college. Harry’s father, Mr. Oberoi, was a trustee there and, thus, Harry and Mary never had attendance issues. Peter toiled hard day and night. During the day, he would complete assignments for all three of them. At night, he would be out saving the world. All this while, Harry and Mary painted the town red. When Harry got to know that Peter was close to Spider Man he asked him if he could borrow his suit just for one night. Mary, being brainless and tharki that she was, was too happy to get into Harry’s pants thinking that he was Spider Man.

After 4 years of college and saving the world, Peter took the job with an IT company. He was transferred to a South Indian city, along with Harry. Things changed from there on. In the middle of the night, while he was inches away from the bad guy, his TL would call and ask him to come to office ASAP. The bad guys could be handled, but the bugs in the code were beyond his reach. Even when he did catch the bad guy, the public would beat him only up. This was South India, and somebody not wearing a lungi could never be the saviour.

Sitting in that cubicle, Peter’s Spider sense would go berserk. It would warn him of all the politics going around all the time. Eating cafeteria food, Peter even got a paunch. Hence, in a few months, getting into his Spidey suit was a real fight.

One silver lining to this saga is that Peter and Harry never got into a fight. This is because Mary’s family got her married before Peter could even tell her about his feelings. Then for 2 continuous years she flooded their timeline with her honeymoon and vacation pics. While having a daaru party at Harry’s 2 BHK flat, Peter and Harry hurl abuses at her together. This has taken their friendship to an altogether different level.

P.S. Peter has now given up being Spider Man. He explains it to himself as a hobby which he used to enjoy, but now don’t have any time for. He is now preparing for MBA hoping for, you know, a raise.



You may love, this year. You may find grace, this year. You may learn to let go and go with the flow, this year.

You may learn that people think great things about you, this year. You may find your confidence and courage, this year. You may approve of yourself, this year.

You may start valuing the people in your life, this year. You may make relationships that last forever, this year. You may make those people feel special around you, this year.

You may make a lot of money without going to jail, this year. You may have a career full of adventures and surprises, this year. You may find work that leaves you truly satisfied, this year.

The shine that you feel has dimmed over the years, you may find it back, this year. The divine moments that leave you with moist eyes may come in abundance, this year. Your existence may be synonymous to happiness, this year.

P.S. Just read a lot of SinghalSahab, this year.

The aliens are flying all around. Dust is flying off, sound of grenades can be heard, buildings are laying demolished everywhere. Everyone is running for their lives. It is complete mayhem. Wait, a blue colored trail can be seen in the sky. BANG! It is Captain Earth. The mood has instantly changed. Everybody is chanting Captain Earth’s name.

“BRING ME THE ALIENS”, Captain Earth thunders through the mist of dust.

Now a red colored trail can be seen in the sky. BANG! It is the Alien King.

“Mich, is that you? You are the Alien King! I always knew you were the evil enemy.”, Captain Earth says.

“Oh no, Matty. You are dreaming again”, the Alien King says.

“What?”, says Captain Earth.

“Eww! You’re drooling as well”, the Alien King says.


Matt opens up his eyes. His head is on his desk. His sister Michelle is towering over him. She is wearing the angry-as-usual expression.

“It was the Captain Earth dream again, wasn’t it?”, Mich says.

“Yeah, that too with the same enemy as every other time”, Matt says.

“For one last time I am asking you, please tell me, who is the Alien King in your dream?”, Mich says.

“Oh, leave it. You don’t need to know”, Matt says.

“Anyway, Mom wants you downstairs in 5”, Mich says as she leaves the room.

“Close the door behind you!”, Matt shouts. Like always, his words were lost to the walls.

On a different planet

One-eyed and Three-eyed are watching TV:

“We are at the Community Hall of West Florida. Here the volunteers of the NGO “Humans v/s Captain Earth” are staging a demonstration. They have a list of demands that they wish the authorities to address. The list includes:

• Asking Captain Earth to apply for a flying permit.
• Billing Captain Earth for the damages he incurs on the public property while chasing criminals.
• Charging him for taking the law in his own hands on numerous occasions.

And it just goes on. Many believe that this is movement, like many others, are funded by numerous Mafias whose activities have often been disrupted by Captain Earth. What’s interesting, though, is the amount of public support that these demonstrations have gradually started to draw.

To everybody’s surprise the occasion was graced by none other than Captain Earth himself. In an intense debate, Captain Earth discussed his point of view with his detractors.

Later on, he had a word with us:

What makes you risk your own life for somebody else?

Captain Earth: My love for humanity.

Who is the person behind that mask?

Captain Earth: It is a human being like you.

What do you have to say to the people who believe you are a cheap stuntman. They say the previous generations revered you for all the wrong reasons. You are overrated, is what they say.

Captain Earth: As long as they love Earth, they don’t need to love me.

(Captain Earth flies off)

So, this was Captain Earth who once again reiterated that love drives Earth forward, not Captain Earth. Amanda Burns, Florida, for ABC News.”

One –eyed switches off the TV.

Three eyed: As long as he is there, our ambition of capturing Earth will never come true. We better give that ambition up.

One eyed: You are so naïve. You can’t even see with your three eyes. Ha! That’s a joke!

Three eyed: Huh?

One eyed: Right now is the time for us to attack Earth.

Three eyed: Didn’t you hear what Captain Earth just say?

One eyed: Yes, I did. But have a look at Earth. The human race doesn’t believe in Captain Earth anymore. His ideals are old and outdated. The love for humanity that he talks about is a myth. It’s gone.

Three eyed: But if we attack Earth, he will come saving it, won’t he?

One eyed: Oh yes, he will. But this time he will be badly defeated. I have a plan that will see the end of Captain Earth and, consequently, of the human rule on Earth.

Three eyed: Then what are we waiting for, boss?

One eyed: Errr… travel expenses approval, I guess. Let me go and check the request status with the Alien King.

The Aliens come to Earth

The aliens send one contingent to every nation of the world. Their message is simple – Give us your cultural heritage and we will make you stronger than your neighbor. They promise to provide all the things that the mankind ever dreamt of – weapons, money, cars, houses, and many more. They will kill your enemy for you if you fulfill their demands. This creates a mayhem on Earth. Everyone now wants to be a superpower.

One by one all the countries of the world turn over their heritage to the aliens. China lets the aliens take its Great Wall. India lets go of the symbol of love The Taj Mahal. France did not wince as Mona Lisa was taken away from Louvre. The aliens also fulfill their promises and give humans the desired wealth and weapons. But the more the aliens give humans, the more the human hunger increases. They need more of everything that the aliens have to offer. More of luxuries, more of gratification, more of power.

Nations dig deep into themselves to satisfy the aliens. But as they pour open their treasures to those strangers, they discover their neighbors possessing the same weapons, the same power. The human demand for absolute authority grows so intense that soon humans are ready to do anything. Then the aliens play their trump card. A contest is launched. Whoever brings Captain Earth to the aliens first, will get the super weapon. This weapon is so strong that whoever possesses it gets to rule the whole of Earth.

In some corner of Earth

Captain Earth sits saddened in one corner of his house. The TV is playing the news of how all the nations have launched into a goose chase for Captain Earth. These are the same people for whom he had fought his entire life. For God knows how many years, he taught them the ideal of love. Now, a part of him wanted to cry seeing the human race blinded in this glorious facade. Of course, he could still fight the aliens. He had all the power in the world to still save the human race from any tormentor. But what about the tormentor within? How would he save the humans from themselves. He could fight, but on whose side? May be this was the time for him to go. He was the born leader, but for the first time in life there was no one to be led. This was the time to move on. So he gives up his suit. He takes on plain clothes, wears an ordinary look and walks into the oblivion. He was no longer Captain Earth, a name he took only to save Earth.

Meanwhile all the countries of the world are hunting for Captain Earth. Gradually, it becomes clear that Captain Earth has abandoned the ship. The news of missing Captain Earth spreads all around the universe. Now one question confronts the world. Who will be the superpower? Now which nation will be given the ultimate weapon that will help it rule Earth? A summit happens. The leaders of all the nations of the world are arguing with each other. Each leader believes the weapon belongs to his own nation. Finally the Alien King appears. He speaks:

“Brothers and Sisters of Earth, I welcome you to the Alien Kingdom”

An uneasy silence spreads throughout the place. “But which country gets to be the superpower?”, an audience member asks.

“Nobody, you fool. You don’t have what it takes to rule a planet. That is why we have decided to take over the reins in our hand. KNEEL DOWN TO THE ALIEN KING”, he says.

It takes some time for the inhabitants of Earth to realize what happened. When they finally look around they find everything gone. The worst part is that they don’t have an enemy to blame for this destruction. The enemy lies within themselves. The words of Captain Earth now start ringing in their ears. Love, he said, was the ultimate power. The whole of human race feels utterly powerless today. Now with Captain Earth gone, no hope is to be seen on the horizon. Having betrayed each other and themselves, humans become the alien slaves.

Somewhere nearby

Matt is sitting in his room. The past few days have been hard on the kid. Multiple times he has had to fight with friends who thought Captain Earth was the enemy of humanity. “Captain Earth will come back”, he said to all his friends. But nobody believed him. The ultimate disappointment happened when Michelle one day sat him down and tried to explain the “situation” to him. Captain Earth has left Earth and will never come back, is what she said. “But there is no Earth without Captain Earth”, Matt said. At this Mich said that humans had chosen their greed over love for Earth. Now human race will forever be a slave to the aliens. All this didn’t make any sense to Matt.

One evening in the community garden, an alien tries to snatch away a Captain Earth doll from a kid. Matt can’t bear to see this. He goes ahead and snatches the toy back from the alien. The alien threatens him with his weapon, But Matt stands his ground. “Kill me but I won’t let you take what is not rightfully yours”, Matt says. The alien backs off. As Matt returns the kid’s Captain Earth doll and sees him smile, he understands what Captain Earth meant by love. This fills him with deep regret and sadness at the state of his own race. How could we humans go so wrong? How could we be blinded by our greed so much that we destroyed our own home? As he tries to come to terms with this realization, the kid’s terrified mother comes running towards him. The kid had run off in pursuit of his Captain Earth doll, she tells Matt. As they were parting the kid says something that changes Matt’s life. The kid waves his Captain Earth doll at Matt and says, “Thank you Captain Earth”.

As Matt walks back home, his head becomes a boiler of thoughts. Didn’t Captain Earth himself say “There is a Captain Earth in everyone”? Isn’t this a high time for humans to be woken up? “Love is the real superpower”, these are but Captain Earth’s words. All he needed to do was to remind the inhabitants of Earth of the love they used to have in their hearts. But how could he do that?

Matt enters his room lost in deep thought. A Captain Earth suit hangs from a hook in the wall. Suddenly it all becomes clear to him. If there is a Captain Earth in everyone, it means anyone can be Captain Earth. Earth needs an inspiration to rise above the prevalent despair. It needs a symbol of hope. It needs something to remind them of their love for themselves and for their own home. Earth needs Captain Earth.

The YouTube video hits the world like a storm. “CAPTAIN EARTH RETURNS” becomes the topic of discussion everywhere. The video shows a leaner Captain Earth assuring the world that he is there for them. It tells the people that they have nothing to be afraid of. They just need to have love in their hearts to fight all evil.

This one video hits the Alien kingdom like a bolt of lightning. The people around the world rise up with a new vigor and spirit. “We want our home back”, “Earth for humanity”, “We love Earth”, and many more become the mouthpieces of this new movement. With an indomitable spirit people demand back what truly belongs to them. They ask for their 7 wonders back, they ask for the works of the masters back, they ask for their heritage back.

The aliens lose their cool seeing this reinvigorated human spirit. In haste they issue an ultimatum “Captain Earth must show himself otherwise innocent humans will die”. They decide on a deadline of 24 hours.

Time passes but Captain Earth doesn’t show up. The whole of Earth goes into a state of extreme anxiety. What would happen if he doesn’t come out, was the unasked question on everybody’s lips. Doubts start creeping in from the crevices created by the imminent danger. Once again the whole idea of love was put to trial. Once again the ideals of Captain Earth were going being scrutinized within the hearts of millions of humans. Once again Earth needed Captain Earth to save it from itself.

As the deadline approaches, Matt makes up his mind. He doesn’t mind giving up his own life for something he believes in. He decides to give himself up when the time comes. At least, it will show the aliens what sacrifices the human race is capable of. At least, it will show the people of the world that all love is not dead. At least, it will be a matter of pride for him that he got to be Captain Earth, for howsoever little a time.

Matt reaches the place given by the Alien King.

The aliens are flying all around. The promised destruction has begun. Dust is flying off, sounds of grenades can be heard, building are laying demolished everywhere. Everybody is running for their lives. It is complete mayhem. “Don’t worry, this will end soon”, Matt tells himself. He prepares to shout for the aliens to see him. Suddenly, a blue colored trail can be seen in the sky. BANG! It is Captain Earth. The mood has instantly changed. Everybody is chanting Captain Earth’s name.

“BRING ME THE ALIENS”, Captain Earth thunders through the mist of dust.

Now a red colored trail can be seen in the sky. BANG! It is the Alien King.

Matt cannot believe his eyes. Could it all be true? As he looks closer, he sees the Alien King’s face. It is the face of evil with nothing but hatred masking his features. It is all too much for the poor little Matt. Everything starts rotating. As he sees Captain Earth, crushing aliens with all his might, Matt drops unconscious on the ground.

Matt opens up his eyes in his own room. So it was another Captain Earth dream, he thinks to himself. It is dark outside but the room is slightly illuminated. Crackers are being burst outside. What are the people celebrating for, he has no idea. As his eyes get accustomed to the surroundings he notices something that takes his breath away. Captain Earth is sitting by the side of his bead, watching over him.

“Are you ….”, Matt begins but struggles to finish the sentence.

“Yes, I am Captain Earth. Just like you, Matt”, Captain Earth.

“This is unbelievable. What happened out there? I thought I was dead”, Matt says.

“Oh no, Matt. You defeated the aliens. It was very brave of you.”, Captain Earth says.

“Me? No, you did. I could not have survived even one blow from the Alien King”, Matt says.

“And yet you stood up to him. That is why you are my hero, Matt”, Captain Earth says.

“I knew you would come back. Where had you gone Captain Earth”, Matt says.

“I had lost hope, Matt. I thought the humans didn’t want me around anymore”, Captain Earth says.

“That’s not correct”, says Matt.

“That’s what you showed me”, says Captain Earth.

“Are you sure you are not mad at me for how I pretended to be you and all?”, Matt says.

“On the contrary, I am grateful to you. You made everybody realize what truly mattered to them, including myself. You are a real superhero”, Captain Earth says.

“Me? Oh, no no. I can’t fly like you. I can’t fight like you. I can’t even talk like you. I try sometimes, though, but I just can’t”, Matt says.

“These things don’t matter, Matt. The real superpower lies within your heart. It is your love for your ideals that makes you a superhero. In fact, that is what makes you Captain Earth. So for saving my home, thank you Captain Earth”, says Captain Earth.

Captain Earth stands up and begins to leave. As he leaves the room, Matt pinches himself. It was indeed a dream, but of the type that lingers on forever.

Steve doing his job. Image:

Steve doing his job.

This year started on a very promising note. I quit my job, scored very poorly on the CAT exam, and literally had nowhere to go. Whoever asked me what was I going to do with my life got very random answers (including my father). Most of them were not impressed with my decision (including my father). Many of them thought I was a loser (including my father). Few of them even worried that I would be living off my father’s savings for the rest of my life (including my father). Well, none of those fears came true as almost 3 months later I got my second job, something that I kinda loved doing. Fairy tale ending? Not quite.

Well, you may think that I tend to think too ahead of myself, but a strange thing went through my mind. “I am Steve Jobs!”. Yes, it’s stupid but the similarities were too clear to miss. Steve Jobs had quit college on a whim. And I had quit my job! He had then secured a job in a gaming company. My new employer was a gaming company! He made concepts for products. I made concepts for games, and we called them products! Now all that was left to me was finding a Steve Wozniak who could make some great things for me which I could then go out and sell. Simple, right? So I waited for my Woz.

Woz never came. But something interesting happened. I picked up some of the qualities of Steve Jobs. You know, he was kind of an asshole. So people came to me with work and I said “No” on their faces, because Steve used to do so. They gave me deadlines and I missed them with aplomb, because Steve used to do so. I pissed most of the people off, as Steve used to do so. I even pasted a Steve Jobs poster on top of my desk! Stupid, stupid me.

But when do things work out the way you imagine? 4 months into the job I am having a hard time. I have all the kinds of questions on my mind. Am I really Steve Jobs? Is the boss looking angrily in my direction? Am I an asshole and hated by all? These questions are often accompanied by their brothers and sisters. Will I ever realize my lifelong fantasy of pre-marital sex? What if I lose hair from the middle of my head? Why are all the girls from college getting married and posting honeymoon pics on my timeline? Why are all the cousins going abroad and earning in dollars? What to I do to make everything right?

I don’t know if Steve ever felt this way, but I kinda feel fucked up sometimes.

Don't. Eat. This. Apple. Image:

Don’t. Eat. This. Apple.


Dear Iron Man,

Today I watched you. I had been excited to watch you since you released a week ago. I am kinda lonely these days, so I went alone. This was one of the reasons I wanted to watch you so badly. I needed a liberation from my boring mundane life. I intended to reinvigorate the kid in me who used to be so excited about everything. I just wanted to make my life awesome again. Or, more awesome than it ever was. One hour into the movie I found myself doing something with my hand, that I never imagined I would do seeing you. I covered up my mouth while I yawned. Yes, you mechanical bastard, you made me yawn.

So this time you show yourself as having an Anxiety Disorder. Why do you have to do that? Couldn’t you just keep things simple? Don’t we have enough superheroes with psychological mess? Isn’t there already a Spider Man whom you feel more sorry for than being inspired by? Isn’t there already a Batman whose movies you just can’t understand, even after you watch them multiple times? You, My Dear Sir, used to be the coolest of them all. Uncomplicated. Awesome. Until you decided to lose sleep over God-knows-what. Again, why?

You also plan to get married to Pepper Potts. But here’s the thing. You might be liking wrinkled asses, I don’t. Nobody does. I say, what was wrong with Scarlett Johansson? Wasn’t she looking like a dream, yet performing all those awesome stunts? Why couldn’t you just give her a lengthy meaty/steamy role in this one as well? Do you expect that after watching her spread in Iron Man 2 anybody would be contended with anything lesser? I wasn’t. I don’t think anybody was.

Red Hot Iron

Then came the final nail in the coffin. Towards the end, you become the Monk who sold his Ferrari. You let it all go. For nothing reasonable enough, you kill the dream of millions around the world. The dream of living like Iron Man one day. The dream of saving the world with a wink. The dream of being a Billionaire, Genius, Playboy and Philanthropist. And you did it all of it just to have a stable life with a wife? In addition to being outrageous, the idea was plain foolish. It was your Iron Man suit that got you the girl, boy. And not what she said she saw in you. If you were that desperate to get married, I could  have uploaded your biodata on Why did you have to give it all up?

Honestly, I know you are imaginary. But then what would become of life if we were always so honest? So, I have this honest request to you. Please give me your Iron Man suit. Anyway, you are not going to use it anymore. It fucks me everyday to commute to office in the Delhi heat. The suit could just make my weekday. I am quite desperate to get a girlfriend as well. May be I could get a few in your golden red wardrobe. Then, Delhi has become quite an ugly place these days. Having Iron Man around won’t hurt anyone. Instead, it will make the world a better place. We can call it Iron Man Sahab, just to show the coming together of two different cultures. So what do you think?

Trying to save the world,


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